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Business Partnership Platform

Business Partnership Platform

In collaboration with KDDI and KDDI Research, Inc., we have verified real-time information sharing and the potentiality of operation optimization within the process of receiving a mobile phone’s over-the-counter repair request until its completion, using Quorum, an Enterprise-focused version of Ethereum. We have also verified its privacy control technology by using Quorum’s private transaction function, which can be configured so that only the parties involved are able to view said data.

Furthermore, by using “Smart Contrast”, a Blockchain-based program, we have verified the technology of potentially linking systems between different businesses, such as repair services and reuse services.

Business Partnership Platform Business Partnership Platform


  • Enterprise Ethereum
  • Interledger
  • Hyperledger

Project-related news

  • Business Partnership Platform

    KDDI and Couger have started verification tests on the applicability of Blockchain’s technology, Enterprise Ethereum, in mobile phone repairing operations.

    September 27, 2017