RACHEL is currently being successively introduced to FamilyMart stores in the Kanto region, and will be expanded to 5,000 stores, approximately one-third of the total number of stores in Japan, by the end of fiscal year 2023.

From Nikkei MJ, article published on April 16, 2023

Daily suggestions for information needed by store managers

RACHEL offers voice communication with images and graphs to provide the information needed for day-to-day operations.


Communication tailored to the characteristics of each store manager

RACHEL provides unique communication to each store manager tailoring it with specific interests to improve on performance.

2% Increase in Sales Growth per Store

Stores utilizing RACHEL have experienced an enhancement in daily sales growth. In addition to streamlining supervisor tasks, significant results have been achieved, including preventing “out of stock” from happening to popular products.

*As of April 2023.


RACHEL has garnered a high profile as an AI assistant in business operations and has appeared in many media outlets.