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AI Learning History Platform

AI Learning History Platform


In order to implement the automation of advanced processing hardware such as robots, an infinite number of training data needs to be applied and taught. What is important is what is learned and generated by the AI.

Couger has developed an application that guarantees the credibility of the Blockchain-based AI’s learned history.
The application’s possible conduct is as follows :
・Store invariable learning models and trace each record ・Confirm which data to base learning on and whether the learning model has been generated accordingly ・Learning model rollback according to administrator
This application can be roughly divided into three functions : learning phase, inferring phase and rollback. In the learning phase, the AI’s learned history is stored within Blockchain, and the learning data is stored in a distributed file system (IPFS). In the inferring phase, the designated learned models are summoned from the IPFS and displayed as predicated results. In rollback, in the circumstance that an error has occurred within a learning model, only those with administrative authority are able to rollback the said model.

AI Learning History Platform


  • Enterprise Ethereum
  • IPFS
  • Tensorflow