Couger was featured in Nikkei Cross Trend's special feature "100 companies that will create the market of the future"

Couger was featured in Nikkei Cross Trend, a web media for business people involved in the development of new businesses and services.

Couger was selected as one of the "100 companies that will create the market of the future," a list of startups in Japan that aim to create new markets with technologies and services that have never been seen before. "LUDENS," the technology platform for human-like AI assistants developed by Couger, and other topics.

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A "Butler" Converses with Machines : The world 10 years from now will be dominated by the 4th generation UI.

One of the startup companies that are taking on the challenge of creating a new market in 2030 is Couger, an AI (Artificial Intelligence) developer that believes that in a future Internet covered with IoT devices, "intelligent human agents," a new concept that bridges the gap between machines and humans, will be indispensable. The company is constantly working on the development of elemental technologies. We take a look at the company's vision of the future 10 years from now.

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