Interview with CEO Ishii appeared in @IT - atmarkIT

Published in @IT - Atmark IT on August 21, 2017

(Excerpt below from the text of the article)

In machine learning, the data used for learning is extremely important.

Without technology to ensure the reliability of the data, we thought AI would not be able to stand up in the future. Blockchain was the most promising technology that could solve this problem in the present.

AI, robotics, and IoT are all trying to achieve automation. They all rely on training data to work. The big problem is that trying to process it all in the cloud uses a lot of bandwidth. As a result, latency (delay time) also increases.

This is where the concept of "fog computing," where computing power is located between the cloud and the device, comes into play.

Considering that each of the cloud, fog, and device will be AI-like and data will need to be audited at each, blockchain-based fog computing will be necessary.

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