Couger's vision was featured on Evertale!

Why is it necessary to develop "across'' advanced technologies? How does the project proceed? The article is a story of Couger's origins and vision, and also includes scenes of the company.

(The following is an excerpt from the text of the article.)

IoT, blockchain, AI, robotics. All of these technologies are buzzwords that you will see daily ontech news sites, but they will never be implemented in society on their own!


IoT = "five senses" to understand the current situation in real time

Blockchain = "nerves and blood vessels" that serve as the basis for reliable information transmission

AI = "brains" that analyze and understand vast amounts of information and make decisions

Robotics = "body" to carry out actions based on decisions made.

The above explanation is displayed. This is a good metaphor for Couger's definition of autonomy = automation as "moving like a human being".


Ishii draws the big picture at the beginning, and Takahashi checks realistic technical requirements in detail - in this way, the hurdle is set at a line that may seem absurd, but is just barely feasible. All members of the elite few study together to learn what they lack in knowledge, and their footwork is light as they explore new areas one after another.


When I asked Takahashi what he thought when he heard about the “LUDENS” concept, he grumbled somewhat happily. “But it's no fun to repeat what you know you can do," he said. “You always have to do something new, and that's, well, fun."


“From now on, blockchain technology will enter the real world, so there will be less and less need for software-only conciseness," Ishii said. “At that point, the quality of Japan's manufacturing industry still has potential. Couger is also based in Tokyo, so the ease of working with Japanese hardware companies should be a weapon."


“First, promote automation and let machines do all the work necessary to keep society running. And I think humanity would be better off focusing on the problems that really need to be solved.”

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