Our efforts were featured in the February 27, 2018 special edition of the Weekly Economist

Weekly Economist (Mainichi Newspaper Publishing) February 27, 2018 Special Edition

Our company's efforts were introduced in "Blockchain's Realms Are AI and IoT, Also a Catalyst for the Expansion of the Sharing-based Seat" on p. 78-79.

From the article

AI is a "black box" because humans cannot grasp the process from reading data to taking action. (Omitted) What is important here is to understand the "growth history" of AI, which is what kind of data it has read and how it has become smarter. (Omitted.) It is important that the data is accurately recorded without being tampered with. Blockchain is the best technology for this.

AI, IoT, robotics, and blockchain must be developed in total," said Ishii.

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