Couger Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Atsushi Ishii, hereinafter "Couger") is pleased to announce that Atsushi Ishii has been appointed as the Japan Branch Representative of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), one of the 13 core members of the EEA worldwide. Couger’s Kazuaki Ishiguro, who formerly represented the Japan branch, will now take on the responsibility of providing technical assistance.

What is EEA (Enterprise Ethereum Alliance)?

EEA is a global community that aims to implement blockchain in society through corporate collaboration against large corporations, startups, and academics. Many well-known companies such as Microsoft, Mitsubishi UFG Bank, and JP Morgan are participating as member companies, and discussions and developments related to blockchain are being conducted globally (List of member companies)

Background of selection as Japan Branch Representative

Couger's strengths lie in its community management involving Japanese companies and overseas developers, such as “Blockchain EXE”, a blockchain community with over 6,000 event participants in Japan and abroad, and “ETHTerakoya”, a community for highly specialized blockchain technology discussions and prototype development in collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation.

In addition, the Ethereum-based confidentiality protocol "zkCREAM," which was developed independently, has been selected as an official program of the Ethereum Foundation, and its usage is expanding.

Ishii was selected as a representative of the Japan Branch of the EEA, which is responsible for the global promotion of enterprise blockchain, in recognition of his achievements and knowledge.

Towards Enterprise Blockchain Usage in Japan

“As the world moves toward DX, the use of digital assets by enterprises is an area that is expected to grow. In this context, enterprise Ethereum, which has a proven track record of operating on public blockchains, has great potential.

On the other hand, there are few means to share and discuss Ethereum initiatives and findings among domestic and foreign companies, and we have received many consultations seeking such opportunities. Against the background of these issues, we hope to create a situation where knowledge about enterprise blockchain is shared and utilized." (Ishii)

Representative Director and CEO of Couger Co., Ltd. After working for IBM, he was in charge of large-scale search engine development for Rakuten and Infoseek. Since then, he has overseen online game development projects across Japan, the U.S., and Korea, and provided technical support to the top teams in the Amazon Robotics Challenge, AI learning simulators to Honda, and overseen cloud robotics development for NEDO's next-generation AI project. He is the president of Blockchain EXE, a blockchain technology community, and has held conferences in more than 10 cities around the world. He is currently developing the Human-like AI platform LUDENS. Lecturer at Stanford University's 2018 AI Distinguished Lecture Series. Former visiting researcher at the University of Electro-Communications.

Couger Co., Ltd
Couger provides and develops LUDENS, a Human-like AI platform that communicates like a human.The "image recognition" that makes up LUDENS is visual, the "voice recognition" is auditory, and the "game AI" is a human-like personality and individuality. Our goal is to deploy LUDENS "Human-like AI that can be close to humans" all over the world.

Recruiting Information
Couger supports autonomous and bold challenges, and aims to be a place where each individual can pursue their own unique skills and creativity.

Currently, we are actively recruiting DevOps Engineer, Tech Lead (AI/Machine Learning), and Server Application Engineer. We also offer casual meetings for those who would like to just hear about us before applying, so please feel free to contact us!

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