Couger CEO Atsushi Ishii speaks at TOA, Europe's largest tech event

The “LUDENS” Vision to Make Spaces Smart

On June 21, 2018, Couger CEO Ishii took part of the Innovation Stage at TOA, Europe's largest tech event.

During the innovation pitch, he explained Couger's vision of "LUDENS," (a vision to make space smart), and introduced it with a demo video.

The demo appeared to leave a strong impression on the audience. We were apporached by several companies after the presentation, indicating that this was a step toward the realization of the “LUDENS” vision.

Companies gather to discuss more than just blockchain

Varies from large companies such as Google and IBM to startups

In addition to pitches by tech companies, TOA in Berlin featured workshops and musical performances by famous artists, making for a very well-rounded event.

The event was also very trend-conscious, with many companies participating in blockchain, AI, and healthcare-related fields.

There were many interesting booths such as live blockchain coding and workshops to learn team building!

The people in Germany along with the atmosphere of the city were quite pleasant!

Couger CEO Ishii was the only Japanese speaker at this year's TOA Berlin. We hope to continue to bring our vision closer step by step, not only domestically but also through our overseas activities.

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