Event Report : The "Enterprise Ethereum Invitational Session" is an event focusing on the challenges and future possibilities of utilizing blockchain in business.

On October 16, 2023, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Japan (EEA Japan), hosted by Cougar, held an internal discussion “Enterprise Ethereum Invitational Session” on the occasion of the visit of EEA core members from the U.S. headquarters to Japan, convened mainly by companies that spoke at the “Enterprise Ethereum Stage” held in April of the same year.

Participating companies included Square Enix, NTT Data, Fujitsu, Waseda Legal Commons Law Office, Mizuho Research & Technologies, Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, Avex, Trust Base, MoA, Datachain, Japan Content Blockchain Initiative, and Hitachi. (listed in the order they appeared in the article)

Event Report : Part 1

Event Report : Part 2

■About the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Japan (EEA Japan):
In advancing blockchain initiatives, it is necessary to consider various criteria such as technology and legal aspects. However, often the gap between these perspectives can hinder the resolution of challenges. To bridge this gap, players from various industries delve deeply into these challenges, forming a community that produces outputs to help many businesses become self-sustaining.

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