On May 12, 2022, Couger's Virtual Human Lab held an open lab, "Dissecting Human-like AI," to showcase its research. An archived video of the event is available on YouTube.

CEO Atsushi Ishii, explained about the Human-like AI platform "LUDENS" and the technologies that make up the Virtual Human Agents, and Hiroki Hara, an engineer, performed live coding of LUDENS, explaining how Virtual Human Agents will impact the human race from the perspective of technology.

The Virtual Human Laboratory will continue to hold open labs on various themes. Please look forward to it.

What is the Virtual Human Laboratory?

By combining machine learning, brain science, and game AI, Couger’s is developing and researching "Virtual Human Agents," with the goal of further exploring Human-like AI. The findings and experimental data from this research will be shared outside the company.

In addition to user-participatory projects such as the Open Lab, we also publish videos, podcasts, pickup articles, and other contents on our official website, so please take a look.

Virtual Human Lab official website

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