Couger Receives Support from Ethereum Foundation to Revitalize Japan's Enterprise Blockchain

Couger Inc (Headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Atsushi Ishii, CEO; hereinafter "Couger"), under the sponsorship of the Ethereum Foundation, which has the world's largest blockchain developer community, will promote the revitalization of the enterprise blockchain in Japan.

Our goal and commitment is to create an environment where many companies and businesses can take the next action on blockchain business in a workshop based on the content of the working group activities in each industry area, spanning multiple perspectives of technology, business, and law, to dig deeper into the issues.


In recent years, the digitization of all economic activities, including cashless transactions and e-commerce, has been promoted not only by startups, but also by established latecomers. While vertical digitization within companies is advancing, horizontal digitization mechanisms that span multiple businesses and industries are still immature due to significant business, technological, and legal gaps. As a result, companies have not been able to make the most of their resources. Japan was highly competitive in the world of automobiles, consumer electronics, and content such as games and animation. There is a good possibility that the utilization of hardware and software represented by Germany's Industry 4.0 can be applied in Japan.

In particular, the environment surrounding personal data, as typified by the use of "My Number," will change dramatically as a result of the impact of COVID. In this context, companies are under pressure to transform their systems to adapt to the next generation.

We believe that by starting activities in Japan and obtaining feedback from overseas, especially from the Ethereum Foundation, we can create technology and business value that will become the global standard. Through this collaboration between the official team of Ethereum, which has the world's largest blockchain development community, and Couger, which has a proven track record of blockchain business development and community growth, we will make the maximum contribution to the growth of companies and government agencies.


Specific industry issues are set and a working loop is formed with participants. Based on the discussions in the working group, issues and solutions will be shared. We will tale feedback from the official team of the Ethereum Foundation and dive deeper into the issues. Based on the content of the working groups, workshops will be held for participants to share outputs and practical know-how and skills for many businesses.

The theme of the first working group will be the utilization of “My Number” by blockchain.

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