Waseda University and Couger hosted a "Virtual Human Workshop" with over 100 in attendance

On September 24, 2020, Waseda University's Global Scientific Knowledge Integration Institute and SHIBUYA QWS (Shibuya QWS), in collaboration with Couger, held a Virtual Human Workshop.

More than 100 people participated online, and we received more than 50 questions on our chat feature, further demonstrating the growing interest in "Virtual Human.”

CEO Ishii's session on "Technology to Realize Virtual Human Agents."

Live demonstration of the Virtual Human "RACHEL" was also held

Session on "Challenges in Virtual Human - How to achieve reliability of AI" by Chief Blockchain Architect Ishiguro

A session by Mr. Yamakawa of the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative on "The Potential of Generic Artificial Intelligence in Virtual Human

Panel discussion with Mr. Miyake of DiGRA JAPAN and Mr. Endo of Tokyo Gakugei University

Due to time constraints, questions were limited, thus showing a need to continue these workshops in the future. 

The "Virtual Human Lab" that Couger presides over is currently under preparation to further expand the scope of its activities. Please stay tuned!

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