On July 20th, 2022, BMW Group held the BMW Startup Garage 2022 Pitch Day, a pitch contest for startups in Japan with products for the automotive industry, and Atsushi Ishii, CEO of Couger spoke at the event.

Only five companies from Japan were selected to speak at the event, which was attended online by representatives from the BMW Group's German headquarters and other BMW Group locations around the world.

Ishii's presentation provided specifics on the capabilities of Couger's Virtual Human Agents and their role and potential in the automotive industry.

Couger will continue to explore discussions with BMW Group as the automotive industry continues to undergo major advancements such as automated driving, EVs, and sub-subscription models.

* The following is an abstract from a press release from BMW Japan.

The BMW Startup Garage is a program for startups with prototype products that are ready for collaboration with the BMW Group, and is being implemented in Japan, Silicon Valley, Shanghai, Tel Aviv, and Seoul. Selected startups will receive support from BMW Group experts in their respective fields, as well as the engineers and tools necessary to commercialize their prototypes. The program is limited to automotive-related businesses, and is also an effort to identify startups that are practical candidate suppliers of products and services that will lead to the BMW Group's future launches of new products with higher functionality and added value.

In addition to participation in the 2023 "BMW Startup Garage" program, startups selected after the July 20th event will have the opportunity to conduct a Proof of Concept (PoC) with the BMW Group and BMW Group suppliers, as well as networking opportunities with the BMW Group and automotive industry mentors.

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