Co-hosted an event with the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative related to "Animal AI Olympics," a contest to recreate animal intelligence

The Animal AI Olympics, a contest organized by the "Leverhulme CFI" AI research institute at the University of Cambridge, UK.

The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative is a sponsor of the Animal AI Olympics (hereafter AAO), a contest that attempts to recreate animal intelligence, and as part of its efforts to promote the AAO, runs the "Virtual AI Meetup" tech community. In collaboration with Couger, which has organized many tech meetups in the past, they have organized two meetups.

People interested in general-purpose artificial intelligence and reinforcement learning came to the event and had an enthusiastic discussion.

Please note that the AAO has been offered the "WBAI Award" by the Whole Brain Architecture Initiative, and the award ceremony will be held within "NeurlPS 2019" in Vancouver in December!

The first was a kick-off meetup, a team-building session in preparation for the AAO challenge!

In the second session, we discussed and brushed up ideas for another push with less than a month left before the deadline. One of the organizers, Benjamin Beyret (Imperial College London), will give a keynote session from the United Kingdom.

Panel discussion by Masayoshi Nakamura (Engineer, Preferred Networks, Inc.), Naoto Yoshida (Research Engineer, GROOVE X), Keita Yanome (Digital Hollywood Graduate School), Sho Hashimoto (University of Tsukuba, School of Information Science and Media Studies), Jun Yamada (University College London) Moderator: Hiroshi Yamakawa (President, Whole Brain Architecture Initiative) University College London)

The free and unscripted discussion went well beyond the scheduled time.

Interim incentive awards were given to the top-ranked teams!

Interim incentive prizes were awarded to the top three teams among those who attended the event and entered the AAO.

The Whole Brain Architecture Initiative presented prize money and a T-shirt of LUDENS, a Human-like AI assistant developed by Couger, as an extra prize.

First Place: inf mnky Team

Second Place: BLAI Team

Third Place: Gyutan Team

Video of the 1st Meetup

Video of the 2nd Meetup

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"Animal-AI Olympics" Kickoff Meetup

"Animal-AI Olympics" Idea Brushup Meetup

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