Nikkei Automotive,  magazine for the cars of the future, published article on Virtual Human Agent written by CEO.

The world where self-driving cars will be commonplace is just around the corner. How will the interior space of cars change then?

As the development of automated driving technology progresses around the world and the car is moving toward becoming a "moving room," the interior space of the car will have completely different possibilities and will require the creation of new value.

Couger is developing a Virtual Human Agent (VHA), a Human-like AI (Artificial Intelligence) interface with a face and body, similar to the assistant in the movie "Blade Runner 2049".

The VHA operates on smartphones, smart glasses, computers, digital signage, etc., and uses AI to control recognition and memory based on inputs such as visual information from cameras and auditory information from microphones, and outputs them as facial expressions, gestures, and words.

How can this VHA be used in cars? The details are introduced in the article.

It also explains the architecture of VHA in detail.

Please take a look if you like!

Click here to see the April 2019 issue of "Nikkei Automotive".

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