An interview with CEO Atsushi Ishii, was featured in "The Next Innovators," a series of articles in “WIRED”.

Today, everything around us is connected to the Internet, and we are entering an era in which countless amounts of data sent from the Internet are processed by artificial intelligence (AI). What will be the interface that connects our human world with the almost infinite world of machines when the data and the AI that processes it continue to increase? Atsushi Ishii believes that after PCs, smartphones, and voice assistants, the fourth interface will be human AI.


Ishii envisions an era in which people can grow through communication with AI and share the wisdom of humanity with all humankind. We asked him about the curiosity that started this grand dream and the roadmap to its realization.

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Creating AI as the foundation for an era in which we can share the wisdom of humankind: Series The Next Innovators (3), Atsushi Ishii, Couger

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