Couger signs partnership with the Ethereum Foundation to grow Enterprise Blockchain in Japan

"Couger" (Headquarters: Shibuya Ward, Tokyo; CEO: Atsushi Ishii) and the Ethereum Foundation, the largest blockchain development community in the world, have partnered to strengthen their relationship as of December 2020. We will revive the enterprise blockchain in Japan and push for standardization and adoption for useful usage in collaboration with the Ethereum core development team.

It is becoming more and more crucial to discuss the constantly evolving blockchain technology, both in terms of its societal deployment as a practical solution and in terms of the research and development needed to support the scientific breakthrough. Through the following three efforts, we hope to provide standardized specifications that can be utilized by several firms in order to close the gap between reality and the rate of change.


In-depth community activities for companies

A working loop is created with people who have expertise in technology, business, and law, and specific industry concerns are established. Issues and solutions will be discussed based on conversations in the working group. Additionally, feedback from the Ethereum Foundation's official team will be appreciated, and promotion of actual social implementation will take place.

Workshops will be held for participants to share outputs and practical know-how and skills for numerous enterprises based on the topics of the working groups.

Support for staying informed by sharing information and development details on Ethereum 2.0

With the intention of switching to Ethereum 2.0, Ethereum is now launching the Beacon chain in December 2020. Since we believe there are plans to expedite implementation in the future, we will take advantage of this chance to keep up with related trends and disseminate them broadly through the workshop to aid in the dissemination of the blockchain.

Workshop for Students

As we work to popularize and apply blockchain in society, we feel it is crucial to educate the upcoming generation of blockchain users and developers.
By organizing and hosting workshops in which students can take part, we will nurture the upcoming generation.

【Basic Information】
Community Name:ETHTerakoya (read:EtherTerakoya)
How to join the community:Contact us using the form on the website above.

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