WIRED Magazine: "Where AI is headed and the role of blockchain" | Couger CEO Ishii and SingularityNET CEO Ben Goetzel

LUDENS' vision of "the future of technology and humans" in WIRED Mirror World special issue

Ben Goetzel, the author of numerous papers on AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), including the android robot "Sophia," and a world-renowned authority on AI, and Dr. Ishii, CEO of Couger, had a conversation for WIRED magazine.

The theme of WIRED vol33 is "Mirror World - Welcome to the Digital Twin.” As the name suggests, "Mirror World" is a world of mirrors, where "copies" can be created easily and with intention, thanks to the digitalization of the IT revolution. The world that was once closed to the digital world is now merging with the real world, with Pokémon Go and other AR technologies at the forefront, and the boundary between online and offline is disappearing.

The key to this "mirror world" is artificial intelligence, which is the brain of automation beyond human capabilities, and the architecture to safely control it.

“Google Search is the world's largest centralized search engine, but I want to develop a decentralized search engine without a center, which I think would be very valuable for people around the world. The current search engines are too centralized,” said Ishii, CEO of Couger.

It's not an exaggeration to say that our web is Google's governing nation, as there are companies that specialize in SEO for Google. Many companies are doing everything they can to hack Google's algorithm. Some of the content is provided solely for the purpose of hacking Google's algorithm, forgetting the essential value of providing information. Google continues to update its algorithm to solve these problems, but there are structural limitations.

What if non-existent humans created by AI autonomously mass produce fake news?

Explainable AI = "XAI" and the Troubled World of Blockchain

The next generation of AI is evolving. “LUDENS” is creating Virtual Human Agents that are human-like. We are aiming for a world of co-creation between humans and AI.

(Photo of human and “RACHEL” talking to each other)

What do the CEOs of “LUDENS” and SingularityNet, who are promoting projects that fuse AI and blockchain, think about "where AI is headed and the role of blockchain"?

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