A world first! Couger's Human-like AI Assistant provides live coverage at  Drone Race - Creating a New Entertainment Experience

Couger, the developer and provider of the human-like AI assistant "LUDENS," provided live coverage of a drone race by its Human-like AI assistant. The drone race was co-hosted by the National University of Singapore, Red Dot Drone (RDD), a drone technology development company, and the Japan Creative Centre (JCC), a joint cultural organization of the Japanese and Singapore governments.

Drone races are impossible to follow with the human eye. Human-like AI assistants provide real-time, live commentary to liven up the event.

In recent years, drones have attracted attention not only in the agricultural and logistics industries, but also as a sport in which contestants compete in drone piloting techniques at speeds exceeding 150 km per hour.

In order to make the high-speed drone race easier to understand and more realistic for spectators to participate in, the world's first live drone race was held this time using a Human-like AI assistant. The human-like AI assistant provided information such as the standings of each team and introductions of the competitors to help spectators enjoy the race even more.

Announcers as well as guides at stations and store facilities.

Virtual humans are expected to be used in a wide range of fields, including corporate influencers and AI announcers.

Announcers are required not only to convey information appropriately but also to have a sense of character. LUDENS, a Human-like id interface, not only conveys information through advanced data processing using deep learning and machine learning like a smart speaker, but also enables us to interact in our everyday interpersonal communication by taking advantage of its character. This feature is expected to be applied not only to announcers, but also in a wide range of other fields, such as in train stations and shopping malls for facility guidance.

  • Responding to Diverse Needs by Maximizing the Power of Technology

For many Japanese people whose native language is Japanese, there is an increasing number of visitors to Japan each year. With the incoming Tokyo Olympics, the demand is growing rapidly. In this context, one of the key features of Human-like AI assistants is that they can not only convey information that needs to be conveyed, but also convey information as a corporate brand.

We also provide solutions such as employee training using Human-like AI assistants to companies struggling with labor shortages and labor cost pressures caused by labor-intensive businesses.

In the future, we intend to create new forms of entertainment using the Human-like AI interface and introduce it to industries outside the entertainment domain.


◆ National University of Singapore

The National University of Singapore, ranked second in Asia in the World University Rankings (2019), attracts many talented people from around the world and conducts a variety of cutting-edge research.


◆ Japan Creative Centre (JCC)

JCC is a new hub for Japanese culture established in Singapore by the Japanese and Singaporean governments in cooperation with a proposal by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.


◆ Red Dot Drone (RDD)

RDD is a Singapore-based company focused on automated drone aerial photography technology.


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