A trilogy talk by Hiroshi Yamakawa, Hiroyuki Okada, and Atsushi Ishii, CEO of Couger, was published in WIRED

WIRED published a trilogy talk by Hiroshi Yamakawa of Whole Brain Architecture Initiative, Hiroyuki Okada, Ph.D., Doctor of Engineering, and Atsushi Ishii, CEO of Couger Inc.

(Excerpted from Part I)

It is said that the development of artificial intelligence (AI) got off to the right start around 2013 with the invention of deep learning. So what kind of development will AI show in the future? Hiroshi Yamakawa, a general-purpose AI researcher who advocates the "intelligence explosion law," the AI version of Moore's Law, Hiroyuki Okada, an expert in cognitive developmental robotics, and Atsushi Ishii, CEO of Couger, discuss.

The article is worth reading in two parts, Part I and Part II. Please take a look.

Part I: https://wired.jp/2021/05/15/explosive-growth-of-ai-1

Part II: https://wired.jp/2021/05/16/explosive-growth-of-ai-2

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