Couger Inc joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance as one of the first Japanese companies. Promoting the development of applied technologies based on "AI & Robotics & Blockchain"

Couger Inc. (headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Atsushi Ishii, CEO; hereinafter "Couger") joined the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance on May 22, 2017 (Monday). This is the first participation (as a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance) by a Japanese company, including five other companies that joined at the same time!

The Enterprise Ethereum Alliance is an organization that will develop industry standard specifications for Enterprise Ethereum, a platform for building distributed applications using blockchain technology. Enterprise Ethereum is a blockchain platform based on one of the leading blockchains, Ethereum, and tailored to the needs of enterprises. Potential uses include data tracking, payments, data privacy, compliance, and asset tokenization.

The founding members include about 30 major U.S. and European companies, including Microsoft, JP Morgan, and Accenture, along with 86 new companies that have joined. A total of six Japanese companies have joined, including Couger, Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Toyota Research Institute Inc.

Couger has been developing its business mainly in the area of AI and robotics, providing AI learning simulators for AI and robots, and developing cloud robotics, which links robots and the cloud with AI.

When considering the realization of an autonomous world based on AI, robotics, and IoT, how to ensure the tracking and reliability of data has become a major issue worldwide. We believe that blockchain is the technology to solve these problems. By joining the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, we will promote the development of applied technologies such as autonomous driving and autonomous flight by combining "AI & Robotics & Blockchain".

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