A great success! Couger participated in the Ethereum Hackathon organized by Blockchain EXE!

To a blockchain community with a high level of enthusiasm

We co-hosted an Ethereum Hackathon with ConsenSys, one of the world's largest blockchain companies, to solve inbound issues using uPort, a decentralized identity management application!

Hirate, the project manager at Couger, has been leading the preparations for this Hackathon event since January. We received many more applications than expected, and 67 participants (16 teams) were selected.

The event was supported and sponsored by leading Japanese companies, leading blockchain startups, and major Ethereum organizations, making it a very exciting event.

The level of participants was very high, and some teams continued their projects after the Hackathon with the goal of commercializing them. It was a very rewarding and educational event for our management.

We received a lot of positive feedback from the judges, and it was a Hackathon that will lead to future steps. (Click here to see the judges' comments.)

We will continue to organize events in cooperation with other companies, not only in Japan, but also overseas, in order to energize the blockchain community!

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