The Couger team participated as judges and mentors in Hitachi's Shanghai Hackathon, attracting over 100 entrants.

Couger co-hosted a two-day Hackathon with Hitachi at XNode Zhangjiang Space in Shanghai on March 23 and 24, 2019.

Hitachi Hosts Hackathon in China, a Technology Powerhouse

China is now a technology superpower that rivals the United States. Not only Shanghai, but also Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou have produced many world-class IT companies that are competing at a high level.

Despite less than a month's preparation, this year's Hackathon was selected from Japan, Korea, China, and Singapore under the auspices of Hitachi.

Couger members, co-sponsors of the Hitachi Hackathon, participated as judges and mentors.

Participants narrowed down ideas from a list of tasks given to them in advance and created their own services and products in two days.

From Couger / LUDENS, CTO Takahashi and Content Director Wan Wei participated as mentors, while Coguer's Chief blockchain architect Ishiguro participated as a mentor and judge.

For Takahashi and Ishiguro, who are usually engaged in blockchain research and technology development, the output through mentoring was very valuable.

Hackathon held with a high level of enthusiasm

In the very short timespan of two days, participants worked hard from morning till night to give shape to their ideas. Some of them even brought their own IoT devices to create prototypes, and it was very impressive to see how they were honestly trying to realize what they wanted to do.

The first prize went to "Pyxiss," a group from Shanghai Institute of Technology and Zhejiang Gongshang University that presented an algorithm to solve the privacy problem of blockchain.

Talented Youth Abound in China

The Hackathon attracted a large number of students. It was a fun time for talented young people to enter the world of blockchain, while creating and implementing their own ideas. Even after the event, the Hackathon participants exchanged information on the webchat group, making this a very influential Hackathon that did not stop even after it ended.

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